Relationship builder, project manager, antique collector, marketing guru, and lifetime Fox Valley resident. After more than fifteen years  in marketing with a global company, Cathy joined Farnsworth Offices as the Office Business Center Manager.

Cathy Babos


Anca made her way to Farnsworth Offices from Romania by way of the Western US.  She speaks several languages including Spanish, has an eye for detail and color and some super recipes. Farnsworth Offices Concierge and Assistant Offices Manager.

Anca Babos


Robotics coach, gardener extraordinaire, math wiz, VP of a bank and executive director of a not-for-profit - back in the day, and pretty much a lifetime Fox Valley resident. Farnsworth Offices Member and Office Manager.

Betsy Thelin Zinser


Gone fishin' ... unless there is a wall to be knocked down and/or a tenant needs a suite built out. One of those folks filled with joy all the time. Farnsworth Offices Maintenance.



It needs to be mentioned one more time. Yes, here. The Illinois Prairie Path is right next door to Farnsworth Offices! How perfect is that. Just what we need for walking meetings, getting those 10,000 steps in a day, biking to work, and cross country skiing at lunch during some snowy winters like 2021. It is open all year long.

Illinois Prairie Path


Aurora native. Speaks to plants. The other half of Cathy Babos.  When we need a hand, the Farnsworth Offices Go-To Person.

Tim Babos


Sculptor of the ring-like structure in the plaza at the Santori Public Library in Aurora (among others), son of a cowboy, father of a bassist in the San Diego Symphony and jokester. Farnsworth Offices Maintenance Supervisor.

Jim Jenkins


Loves her Portuguese Water Dogs, swimming, and real estate. Lucy was partnered with Jack and Mark Allen in A.L. Allen & Sons Real Estate until they sold the business. Born and raised  in Fox River Valley. Farnsworth Offices Member.

Lucy Thelin Atac

Cal 10037.JPG

Farnsworth Offices is Cal's vision and retirement job after a variety of other real estate projects through the years. Born into the real estate business in Oak Park, IL; his dad and uncle built homes at the same time of Frank Lloyd Wright and developed vacant land at the corner of Cicero and Fullerton in Chicago. He came out to the country to practice law in 1958 and never left. Founder of      
Farnsworth Offices.

Cal Thelin